Health care could look like this

GRIPA was founded in 1996 as a unique collaboration between hospitals and physicians, for the purpose of simultaneously improving the quality and efficiency of health care. The organization continues to find its strength in collaborative partnership.

We continue to provide medical, business, and technology management services aimed at making better health care easier to deliver, less costly for patients, and more rewarding for all involved.

Smarter medical care. High quality, delivered with compassion and efficiency. Financial ingenuity in the service of wellbeing. Health care could look like this.

Our innovations include implementation of a revolutionary clinical integration program — GRIPA Connect™ Clinical Integration — and creation of a business — Cognisight™, LLC—focused on delivering financial intelligence and process improvements to health care companies.

Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association

The Greater Rochester Independent Practice Association, is a membership-based organization comprised of 1231 physicians and their affiliate hospitals. The majority of our physician members are community-based physicians in private practice—both primary care and specialty care practitioners. Approximately 712 of our members are hospital employees.

Our robust physician services include a customized combination of care management services, including extensive in-practice and in-home interventions by medical professionals; educational offerings; quality assurance programs; data analysis; and assistance with contracting and other business requirements of a successful physician practice.

Some of our assistance comes in the form of hands-on help from medical professionals, who provide direct services in high-risk or complex cases. Some comes in the form of data-based analysis to provide timely feedback and ensure continuous improvement among our physicians.


Our leadership team

Meet the leaders who keep us focused, and innovating. They include professional management as well as a board of directors comprised of physician, hospital and community representatives.

Our staff

Professional, dedicated, committed to the cause. Our staff members make it possible for us to achieve breakthrough results.

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