Improving Your Health at No Extra Cost

GRIPA is a unique partnership of 1,300 member physicians and their affiliate hospitals—Rochester General Hospital, Unity Hospital, Clifton Springs Hospital, United Memorial Hospital, and Newark Wayne Community Hospital. We provide medical, business, and technology management services aimed at making better health care easier to deliver, less costly for patients, and more rewarding for all involved.

GRIPA works with employers and health insurers to provide their employees and members with additional healthcare resources to improve the quality of health care and reduce cost.

At the heart of our organization are our patient-centered care management programs, including in-practice and in-home interventions by medical professionals. These teams—comprised of social workers, registered nurses, and clinical pharmacists work to help you manage your condition along with your provider.

How Will I Benefit?

  • Improve my overall health
  • Reduce my health expenses
  • Understand my medical conditions better
  • Learn the best way to get the care I need
  • Get help to meet my health goals
  • Find out how my medications work
  • Know how to stay healthy

In today’s healthcare environment, communication is essential for good health, especially among healthcare providers. GRIPA care management actively works to reconnect patients and their doctors, sometimes advocating, sometimes educating, but always with the goal of improving care, see some of our success stories.

“Great success with the diabetes! My patient has greatly benefited from the GRIPA Care Management Program.”

 – Linda Rice, MD

“I appreciate the assistance and advice I receive from my care manager and find the service you provide very valuable.”

 – Michael, GRIPA Patient

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